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Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction

Mint Leaf SC-CO2 Extract

Raw matirials: Menhta piperita L.- Leaf.
Manufacture: supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide.
Type of extract: oily substance of a dark-green color with a characteristic odor.
Composition: Terpenes and terpenoids (terpinene, menthol, terpeneol, pulegone, piperytone, verbenone, pharnuol, cedrol, cubenene, spatulenol, caryophyllenes, levantolyde), fatty acids (palmic, stearic, linolic, linolenic), vitamin E, betaine, flavonoids.
Usage: in cosmetic products is used as a componentproviding calming, analgetic, refreshing, tonic, anti-inflammatory effects, takes off the weariness due to the soft local irritating effect, tones up the capillary blood circulation, healthily affects the sensitive skin, has a whitening effect, favors the vessels involution. In food production is used as a favor for alcoholic beverages and confectionary.

the product is 100% natural, it is not manufactured on a chemical formula; it does not contain any admixtures, heavy metals, inorganic salts, solvent residues and reproducible microorganisms.


in a sealed package kept in a cool place protected from sun light for not less than 2 years.

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