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Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction

About the Group of companies

Group of companies today

Group of companies GORO today is a modern innovative enterprise that successfully combines commercial, production and scientific activities on the following areas:

  • Development and production of supercritical CO2 extracts for various kinds of industries
  • Development and manufacturing of SFE-equipment for laboratory research and production of supercritical CO2 extracts
  • Active financial , research- and production support of supercritical fluid technologies` implementation process in Russian Federation

Among our partners today we have the biggest pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetics and food enterprises of Russia and CIS countries, also some research -production and scientific-industrial organizations.

The enterprises of GORO group of companies are affiliated with "Stella" concern and are among the founders and participants of Consortium of organizations in the field of supercritical fluid technologies (SFT).

The enterprises of GORO group of companies possess 4 patents and 2 trademarks.


Mission of the group of companies GORO is to contribute into the health and life quality of people and society by means of:

  • Development and production of ecological  and useful innovative products (starting from the extract from the plant material to the laboratory and production equipment)
  • Active participation in implementation process of advanced innovative technologies in domestic economy

Our success is based on:

  • Customers` interests
  • Classical economical principles
  • Individual approach to every business partner, qualified prompt service
  • Possibilities and advantages of SFT, including the field of production of natural products with a high content of useful substances
  • Experience and expertise of company employees.

History of the company

The group of companies GORO originated in 1999, when the Research Center for Environmental Resources GORO was established.  The enterprise was founded by action group of specialists in the fields of business, biochemistry, botany, thermodynamics, mechanics and electronics.

The basic technology of the enterprise is SFT, which was chosen as maximally effective extraction technology of biologically active substances from plant material.

The company employees developed, produced and put into operation extraction equipment; hold the following range of work on:

  • Research works on study the composition and benefits of plant materials and extracts
  • Development works on establishment of equipment with the best manufacturing capabilities
  • Works on processing of  technological parameters of production for various kinds of extracts
  • Marketing research of domestic and foreign market
  • Works on information collection and analysis of international experience in the field of SFT
  • Works on development, implementation and improvement of effective mechanisms of successful  enterprise operation, including qualified prompt service

Since 2000 SRC ER GORO actively and successfully works on the market of ingredients for cosmetic products. In 2004 the entry to the market of food ingredients was performed , also "GORO-Ingeneering" was founded (developing, producing and delivery of Laboratory and production equipment). A number of laboratory and production developments in the field of equipment was realized and successfully used by GORO partners in Russia and CIS.

Thereby, GORO is the first Russian enterprise that mastered SFT in industrial scale.

Since the foundation one of the main GORO task was the promotion of SFT in Russia and particularly:

  • Collection, processing and distribution of information on possibilities and advantages of SFT in the field of various kinds of production
  • Forming and activation of SFT market and SFT-products in Russia in industrial and scientific fields
  • Search and consolidation of stakeholders for common projects development and realization (from the stage of laboratory research to commercial production)
  • Initiation of administrative and financial support of SFT on regional and federal state level.

The most active work in this direction was performed in 2003-2005. As a collaboration result of GORO and state and scientific structures we have:

  • Foundation of Supercritical fluids Section at the Council on the theoretical foundations of chemical technologies of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) - December 2003
  • Successful  holding of the first  international scientific conferences in Rostov-on-Don : " Supercritical fluid technologies:  the innovative capacity of Russia" (2004, 2005)
  • Foundation of  "Consortium of organizations in the field of supercritical fluid technologies".  Among the founders there were SRC ER GORO, GORO-Engineering and Stella concern
  • Launch by the Ministry of Education and Science the federal target program "Development and implementation of supercritical fluid technologies " under the federal scientific and technical program "Research and development on priority directions of development of science and technique
  • a number of awards at major exhibitions

In November 2005 a part of GORO functions (in the field of SFT implementation into domestic economics and consolidation of state, scientific and commercial structures) was transferred to the Consortium of organizations in the field of supercritical fluid technologies.

Since 2006 GORO is focused on a researches and production of extraction of plan materials, also on development, producing and selling of laboratory and production equipment for SFT-extraction.

At that, GORO group of companies actively continues to participate in the SFT-implementation process into economy of Russian Federation. In March 2007 investment group GORO (incl. GORO group of companies, Stella concern, JSC commercial bank Stella-bank) took the lead in a project "Activization of SFT implementation in Russian Federation", within the bounds of which the company is ready to invest 9 million Rub into producing of laboratory SFT-equipment and 150 million Rub into production SFT-equipment.

At the present time the company leads an active work on all the functional directions.

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